Located in the most productive triangle of Andalusia, which consists of the International airport, the Technology Park and the University of Malaga, and having the best communication and transports net, the City Airport of Resort and Research in Alhaurin de la Torre will be a master key to the enhancement of the economy in the region through the exploitation of an airport environment with huge industrial and economic development possibilities.

With a Surface of 380 hectares, this macro-projectwill mean the creation of one of the main business, commercial and enjoyment parks in Spain. It will consist of state-of-the-art facilities and housing to fit together both labour and residence uses. This area development will generate an inversion of 240 millions of euros and will create25,000 direct and 80,000 indirect jobs in a period of 15 years.

Some important companies dedicated to multiple economic sectors, from aerospace companies, logistic operators, laboratories, chemistry and automotive industries, science and innovation to restaurants, catering, rent a car, training centres, commercial galleries or financial institutions will coexist in this city airport. All this will have a favourable economic impact equivalent to the 4% of the whole GDP in Andalusia.

But the City Airport resort and Research in Alhaurin de la Torre will be much more than a cutting-edge business park, it will be a resort devoted to the leisure of itsinhabitants thanks to the big amount of open green areas and public services, like heath, education, sport and culture centres and facilities. It will be a live city designed to join the concepts of high quality life and work.

The Project is meant to be the key element and a driving force for the economy, wealthand employment in all this municipality, town and province, reaching the highest level of development and progress of the main technopolis and logistic centres of the world. On the other hand, Innovation and sustainability will be represented by the Integrated Services Centre for Strategical Airport Development (CSI-IDEA), which already have two buildings under construction due to the co-financing of FEDER funds. These buildings are the future headquarters of the City Airport, also known as the Smart Building and the building for the city airport promotion.