The project

Both globalization and the current business situation are leaving a mark on the future of the 21st century international airports and the placesnearby are becoming important areas of strategic and metropolitan opportunities.
These near-to-airport areas tend to stop being a mere transitspace to become the final destination thanks to the urban and economic centres which are being setting up in them. Sustainable urban centreswith an international attraction where people live, work and enjoy that are known as “city airport”


Generating an investment of 240 million euros

Total surface: 3.783.276 m2

More than a million of m2 designed for offices with capacity to hold 60,000 people.

1.038.970 m2 devoted to Green areas (a 28% of the total amount) and 386.300 m2 (10%) devoted to public facilities.

More than 1.700.000 m2 devoted to industrial and tertiary purposes

The creation of more than 25,000 direct and 80,000 indirect Jobs within 15 years.

An economic impact equivalent to the 4% of all Andalusia´s GDP.