The City Airport of Resort and Research in Alhaurin de la Torre is designed from the outset as a responsible project for society and the environment. This is evidenced by the strategic plan CSI-IDEA, which in Spanish stands for the Integrated Services Centre for Strategical Airport Development. In this centre, there are two cutting-edge buildings, which are under construction, thanks to the European programme FEDER funds.

Headquaters building of the City Airport.Smart Building

The energy zero building, which will become the headquarters of the future City Airport, is designed as a pilot office for sustainability and a model for future promoters and users. The extra cost, only a 5% over a normal construction, along with the distribution of the building monitoring results will be an excellent tool to promote the sustainable building in the area. The buildings will have the environmental certificate of the Green Building Council in Spain (GBCe), and this will make of it the first building in Andalusia with the above mentioned certificate.



Construction Strategies

Use of vegetation as an additional facade structural element.
A passive design to reduce the demands of the building.
Surround extra-isolation.
Use of thermal inertia in cladding and slabs.
Use of efficient lighting and air-conditioning systems.
Improved heating use.
Photovoltaic electric energy production in the plot for a non-existent consumption.
Reduction of water consumption and waste generation.
Use of rain water.
Use of recycled and recyclable materials.
Domestic comfort and quality control.

A building designed to promote the City Airport

This building responds to an innovative project, enhanced by its unique architecture and the highest energy efficiency and environmental sustainability levels.

In order to maintain the spirit of a City Airport, the design of this building is inspired of aviation hangars.The building hasa multi-use2,000 m2 showroom with toilets, dressing-rooms, office and warehouse, as well as four multi-use areas intended to host meetings, workshops, lectures, classrooms and small exhibitions.Its unique pioneering nature will be reflected upon an original design: a large outside skylight, back-lighted from the interior, as a lighthouse, which will make it visible from the ring road, on its access to Alhaurin de la Torre.In addition, this construction is used as a solar chimney during the summer months, since the glass and steel enclosures heat the air inside,which will work as a natural drawingfor the room.This favours an inner air flow that will suck the heated air in the room.During the winter, you could make the most of the warm air using it as a natural heating,since the air is heated by its enclosure as a greenhouse.

The building has been developed under many sustainability strategies that guide the smart building design.This way, the building has the same metal envelope with enhanced isolation; the same roof shape that activates natural air circulation; garden roof shapes; passive measures for holes protection; glass selection; motorized openings for night cooling; integrated lighting and air- conditioning control; efficient air conditioning systems election; use of rain water for irrigation; sanitary equipment to reduce internal water consumption; free of toxic products interior finishes that guarantee a responsible extraction; low environmental impact materials; recycling-guaranteed materials; a specific plan for re-using construction residues; a pollution prevention plan while building; a selective demolition plan; surrounding gardens; outer draining pavement; and enhancingthe acoustic insulation on the regulations.

Besides, the plan calls for the use of green roof covers on forthcoming buildings.Thistype of cover provides significant landscape and environmental benefits.They make the building’s location a naturalized area and they improve the microclimate of the environment. At the same time, theyprovide best-quality isolation conditions for protection, waterproofing, thermal and acoustic insulation, as well as great energy efficiency advantages. According to this, the whole urbanization of the new airport model was planned from quality, following the premise that a quality urban design generates life quality.

The Guadalhorce River in the North and The Arroyo Valley in the West are the natural city borders that, together with its easement and protection areas, are destined to be an essential axis for the open space system (river park).


In residential areas, the design prioritizes public spaces by equipping them with several green areas. From the 380 total hectares of the terrain, 280 are dedicated to green zones, free areas and equipment.

The City Airport is planned to make the most of the space for the citizen, building a city on human scale.It will have 13kms of bus lane, 22kms of pedestrian routes and 28kms of cycle paths. Furthermore, it will consists of a wide street network for light traffic, all of them with a special noise-absorbing road surface, hence reducing acoustic pollution.

All these elements will contribute to the warmth and quality that are needed to achieve the best working and life conditions for professionals and executives.