vlcsnap-2013-05-02-08h11m33s239 The urban modification included in the planning innovation for the City Airport of Resort and Research in Alhaurin de la Torre creation, is due to municipal intention of providing a great soil extension next to Malaga´s airport to productive and business uses. This decision was manifestly stated through the PGOU plan development and completely matches the specific and legally binding determination of the POTAUM (Conurbated Territory Development Plan), which calls for the location, in the same place, of a productive content area of great Opportunities related to the international Airport of Malaga.

This macro-project will have an extension of 3,800,000 m2and will mean the creation of one of the most important business, commercial and leisure parks in Spain. But it will also include residences, large green areas and public services, next to a Golf Club.
Therefore, public and private uses are proposed to this land, such as modern industry, industrial, commercial and business park, institutional and leisure equipment, agriculture support services, integrated services, etc. Thus, it is designed as a multi-use integrated centre with a clear metropolitan look.

In addition, the City Airport reserves land for more than a hundred industrial and tertiary uses: aeronautic, logistic operators, laboratories, chemistry industries, science and innovation, automotive industry, hotels, restaurants, catering companies, rent a car, training centres, commercial galleries, parking and finance institutions, among many other. This will mean an important competitive advantage thanks to the synergies created from them.

This initiative foresees a more than 240 millions of euros inversion and the generation of 25,000 direct jobs and 80,000 indirect jobs in a period of 15 years.

The City Airport of resort and Research in Alhaurin de la Torre is born to fill a crucial gap in the market, where a logistic and business space of quality, well connection is extremely important. It is a unique opportunity to invest with many attractive elements to be taken into account:

The strategic location of the international airport of Malaga-Costa del Sol, which is the door entrance of Europe.

The privileged location of the future city airport in the metropolitan area of Malaga, between the inland and the coast, inside the most productive triangle in Andalusia, composed of the Technology Park of Andalusia, the University of Malaga and the Airport. Also, its proximity to the goods transport centre and the synergies derived from this landmark.

Its complete integration in the infrastructure system, as well as its direct connections to the great networks: airport, railways, AVE (high speed train), highway and port.
A great Surface of 3,783,276m2 in total. A quarter of them will be devoted to green areas and public services, with more than 1,700,000 m2 available for industrial and tertiary uses, and more than 1.000.000m2 dedicated to offices with a capacity to hold 60,000 people.

Cutting-edge facilities and a wide range of services for companies and residents.
Benefits derived from an integrated multi-use centre, i.e., knowledge transferring, promoting R+D+I projects, the collaboration in cooperation networks and state-of-the-art telecommunications.