The City Airport of Resort and Research in Alhaurin de la Torre will be totally built into the infrastructure and transport system. It will also have direct connections to the most important transport networks:
  • Airport
  • Railway
  • AVE (high-speed train)
  • Motorway
  • Port
Regarding communications, it will be connected to the Airport and to Malaga both by road through the new beltway, the road interchange and the Cartama-Churriana road, and by train, as the area is reserved for the Cercanías (commuter trains).


The new city airport model plan, together with its future road interchanges and train Access, will give Alhaurin de la Torre a main role on the formalization of the metropolitan area “node” par excellence. This is a detailed list of the existing and expected connections and infrastructure:

  • 3 accesses: By the MA-21 road, exclusive South access by the A7 and exclusive North access by the new west ring road, also known as Hiperronda (Ring road)..
  • Road interchange that connects with the Industrial Areas of Malaga
  • New over municipal interest road, which will be built by the Junta de Andalucía for the Alhaurin de la Torre connection route with the Technology Park of Andalusia (PTA). It will structure the municipal territory and it will create a new beltway for the new expanding area.
  • Current road that will be widenedby the Junta de Andalucíaand will give access to the West Metropolitan Area (North and Inland villages of the province).
    The formalisation as a major metropolitan link of the Cartama-Churriana road (Pista de Confederación), that will provide a new access to the Costa del Sol, creates a transversality between the Valley and the Coast formalised by a new potential link of activity with a wide variety of uses in Alhaurin de la Torre.
  • Connection toGuadalhorce highway .
  • Comprehensive Railway project: continuity of the Cercanías and coastal railway lines to Alhaurin de la Torre in connection with the Airport. Future interventions on the railway line in the areas nearby might affect Alhaurin de la Torre´s territory.
  • The municipewill be conveniently linked to one of Malaga´s underground lines and also to the Metropolitan Area Public Network.
    Next to the new access node some roads, railways, the airport and the underground will converge and a transport interchange for public transport will be also created.

Regarding the railways, Malaga has a High Speed Train(called AVE)which connects to Madrid in 2 hours and a half and many other connections to the rest of the high speed train lines of Spain and Europe. For example, these railways connect to Barcelona in 5 hours and to Paris in 8 hours.

Concerning maritime transport, Malaga´s port, is considered as a frontier port of the European Union, it is the second cruisers ‘touristic destination in Spain and the sixth in the Mediterranean Sea.